Table 3

Mixed logit estimation results for pedestrian injury severity with interaction terms of glare-related crashes and other variables* (n=100 411)

VariableParameterSEt value
Fatal injury
 Fixed parameters
  Male motorist0.1930.0692.80
  Pedestrian facing traffic × glare crash−0.4390.126−3.48
  Pedestrians aged 65+ years0.5330.2102.54
  Motorists aged 65+ years × glare crash0.4320.1433.02
  Rural roadways × glare crash0.6840.1903.60
  Intoxicated motorist0.4610.1542.99
  Overtaking manoeuvre0.3290.1212.72
 Random parameter
  Heavy vehicle as crash partner0.2480.0892.78
   SD of distribution0.5260.2112.49
  • Restricted log-likelihood (constant only): −7302.7.

  • Log-likelihood at convergence: −5054.6.

  • ρ2=0.308.

  • *The outcome ‘injury‘ constituted the baseline, with its parameters set at zero.