Table 2

Mixed logit model estimation results for pedestrian injury severity during the period 2003 to 2016* (n=100 411)

VariableParameterSEt value
Fatal injury
 Fixed parameters
  Glare-related crash0.5270.1643.21
  Pedestrian facing traffic−0.3040.110−2.76
  Pedestrian aged 65+ years0.5530.2372.33
  Motorist aged 65+ years0.2180.1022.14
  Rural roadway0.9850.2513.92
  Intoxicated motorist0.6060.2132.85
  Overtaking manoeuvre0.4720.1323.58
 Random parameters
  Male motorist0.3240.1392.33
   SD of distribution0.3890.1632.39
  Heavy vehicle partner0.2740.1102.49
   SD of distribution0.6220.2902.14
  • Restricted log-likelihood (constant only): −8267.1.

  • Log-likelihood at convergence: −5806.4.

  • ρ2= 0.298.

  • *The outcome ‘injury’ is the baseline case with its parameters set at zero.