Table 1

Predictors of mental health conditions in the whole population of children and young people

VariableRegression 1Regression 2 (including interaction terms)
OR95% CIOR95% CI
Age0–15 (ref)
16–247.657.36 to 7.9510.5410.06 to 11.05
GenderMale (ref)
Female1.491.45 to 1.541.481.44 to 1.53
AutismNo autism (ref)
Autism10.219.67 to 10.7825.0823.02 to 27.32
Intellectual disabilitiesNo intellectual disabilities (ref)
Intellectual disabilities5.855.44 to to 7.87
Age x intellectual disabilities0–15 (ref)
16–240.660.57 to 0.76
Age x autism0–15 (ref)
16–240.240.21 to 0.26