Table 1

Baseline survey contents

Survey sectionMeasure/item
Section I—personal factorsDate of birth
Self-reported height and weight
Varsity athlete; entrance scholarship; domestic/foreign student
Physical and mental health self-rating
Mental health lifetime diagnosis/treatment history
Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale
Section II—family factorsFamily history of mental illness
Parental highest level of education
Parent country of birth
Family intactness during childhood
Section III—environmental factorsResilience Scale for Adolescence (peer relations, social identity)
Perceived Stress Scale
Childhood physical and sexual abuse
Section IV—
psychological and emotional health
Locus of Control Scale (expectancy beliefs)
Motivation for Learning Scale (value appraisal and self-regulated learning)
Lifetime Columbia Lifetime Suicidal Behavior-screening
Generalised Anxiety Disorder Scale (GADS-7)
Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9)
Section V—
lifestyle, habits and behaviour
Frequency of alcohol, caffeine consumption and exercise
Sleep condition indicator (insomnia)
Seeking of university support services/help-seeking