Table 2

Characteristics of unique patients in encounters as recorded by participating chiropractors*

Patient characteristicsn=2423%
Sex: female142658.85
Age (in years)
 Non-English speaking background923.86
 Identifies as Aboriginal/Indigenous20.08
 Health/applied sciences§2178.96
 Education, social, government services¶29212.05
 Home duties1044.29
Source of encounter payment
 Workplace safety and insurance board200.84
 Motor vehicle accident984.12
 Veterans affairs90.38
 Extended private health insurance73230.76
 Patient paid162768.36
 No charge602.52
  • *Represents first encounter per patient and missing values not used in calculations.

  • †Missing data (n=210) not included.

  • ‡Occupations: management, business, finance and administration.

  • §Health, natural and applied sciences and related

  • ¶Education, law and social, community and government services, art, culture, recreation and sport

  • **Sales and services; trades, transports and equipment and related; natural resources, agriculture and related opportunities; manufacturing and utilies.