Table 1

Characteristics of recruited GP practices

Site ASite BSite C
Patient populationc 11 000c 13 000c 14 000
GPs5 partners; 5 salaried4 partners; 6 salaried8 partners; 3 salaried
Onsite clinical pharmacist at recruitmentNoNoNo
Onsite clinical pharmacist for part of project durationYesYesYes
GP training practiceYesYesYes
Deprivation*Second most deprived decileLeast deprived decileMost deprived decile
Ethnic diversity (estimated proportion non-white ethnic groups)*Over 50% (over 40% of practice population are Asian)14%Over 60% (over 40% of practice population are Asian)
  • *Details from National General Practice Profiles produced by Public Health England Data Science.

  • GP, general practitioner.