Table 2

Variation statistics for laparoscopy, open and combined for children, adult and the whole patient population, 2014–2017

Population/procedureNumber of
episodes 2014–2017
Standardised number of episodes per
100 000 population
 Laparoscopy14 529386.97.133.310.6
 Combined16 341435.
Whole population
 Laparoscopy18 387386.18.336.714.2
 Combined23 684497.
  • EQ=max(standardised episode rate i)/min(standardised episode rate i).

  • CV=SD (standardised episode rate i)/mean (standardised episode rate i)×100.

  • SCV=1/k (∑(Oi–Ei)2/Ei 2–∑1/Ei)×100, where k is number of counties, Oi is observed number of episodes and Ei is expected number of episodes determined by indirect standardisation.

  • CV, coefficient of variation; EQ, extremal quotient; SCV, systematic component of variation.