Table 4

Cox multivariate regression model for survival

VariableHR (95% CI)P values
TE (−), n=43010.860
TE (+), n=701.031 (0.739 to 1.438)
0–1, n=4491<0.0001
≥2, n=513.414 (2.392 to 4.873)
Cancer type
GC, n=20610.005
CRC, n=2940.613 (0.436 to 0.863)
Adj or non-Adj
Adj, n=19410.008
Non-Adj, n=3061.779 (1.161 to 2.726)
Presence of active cancer
Non-AC, n=1411<0.0001
 AC, n=35911.216 (5.527 to 22.759)
Khorana risk group
Low, n=19410.027
High/intermediate, n=3061.492 (1.047 to 2.125)
  • P values: multivariate Cox regression model.

  • AC, active cancer; Adj, adjuvant chemotherapy; CRC, colorectal cancer; GC, gastric cancer; ECOG PS, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Performance Status; TE, thromboembolism;