Table 3

Findings or red flags leading to a request for DECCA advice

Finding or red flagN*
Injury/skin lesion592
Clinical history not in keeping with findings145
Presence of risk factors in family70
Physical symptoms71
Inconsistent clinical history47
Lesion/trauma not in keeping with child’s age40
Delay in presentation39
Previous trauma33
Child admits being a victim of abuse26
Behavioural symptoms child19
Caregiver admits to child abuse17
Improper hygiene child9
Inadequate interaction child—caregiver8
Other child in family discloses about child abuse8
Findings at additional investigations (urine or blood test)2
  • *The total does not sum up to 761 as several findings or red flags can be present in one single case and several findings can be mentioned in one single case.

  • DECCA, Dutch Expertise Centre for Child Abuse.