Table 2

Distribution of foreign-born population and foreign languages in the urban district of Basel

Urban districtPopulationNumber of private householdsForeign born populationForeign population by citizenship as a percentage of all foreigners in the urban quarter (March 2015)
Largest segment of the foreign populationSecond largest segmentThird largest segmentFourth largest segment
Am Ring10 66654563636Germany (27%)Italy (10.3%)Spain (5.9%)United Kingdom (4.7%)
Gundeldingen18 91710 0857497Germany (20.5%)Turkey (14.9%)Italy (12.7%)Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo (9.8%)
Bruderholz906840382098Germany (32.6%)Italy (11.8%)UK (7.5%)France (5.2%)
Bachletten13 54967102918Germany (32.3%)Italy (13.2%)Spain (5.2%)United Kingdom (4.9%)
Gotthelf688337641910Germany (32.2%)Italy (12.5%)Turkey (4.9%)Spain (4.9%)
Iselin16 59588606092Germany (18.3%)Italy (15%)Turkey (12.6%)Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo (7%)
St Johann18 83591808245Germany (17.2%)Turkey (12.2%)Italy (10.8%)Portugal (8.7%)
Matthäus16 30380128403Germany (17%)Italy (10.8%)Turkey (10.6%)Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo (10.5%)
Klybeck733135063813Turkey (16.7%)Italy (15.5%)Germany 11.3%)Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo (10.9%)
Kleinhüningen290012911553Italy (15.7%)Germany (14.5%)Turkey (14.3%)Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo (10.5%)
Total 121 04760 90246 165
  • Population and foreign-born population were determined for November 2015. Number of private households was determined for 2014. Official language Montenegro: among other regional Serbo-Croatian and Albanian; Serbia: Serbo-Croatian; Kosovo: Albanian, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish.