Table 2

Measures and schedule of observations within the PALS study

MeasureTime point (month)
Baseline3-month follow-up6-month follow-up
Sociodemographic measuresX
Patient self-report measures (both groups)
 SF-12 Mental HealthXXX
 SF-12 Physical HealthXXX
 Loneliness (De Jong Scale)XXX
 Social isolation (Duke Social Support index)XXX
 Campaign to End Loneliness scaleXXX
 Collective Efficacy in Networks Scale (CENS)XXX
 Social support (SPA)XXX
 Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (SWEMWBS)XXX
 Perceptions of loneliness (modified B-IPQ)XXX
 Participant engagement with new activitiesXXX
Patient measures (network mapping, intervention group only)
 Social network composition changeXX
Economic measures
 Capability well-being (ICECAP-A)XXX
 Health and social care useXXX
Process evaluation
 Qualitative interviews with participantsXXX
 Qualitative interviews with facilitators and stakeholdersXXX
 Observations of facilitationX
 Community staff observations of impactXXX
  • PALS, Project About Loneliness and Social networks.