Table 1

Intervention module

DayProgramme/ Lectures
Day 1Everything You Need to Know about HO-ship
Contract HO, Choosing Hospitals and first Department, Tagging, Flexihour vs Oncall, Assessment and Extension
The Straits Times
Reviewing and Presenting Cases as an HO
Excellent HO Forum
Day 2General Clerking, Common Labratory Forms and Referring
Surviving Paediatrics
Designing Your Future; Further Career Options after HO-ship
Doctors and Finance
Balancing Family Commitments during HO-ship
Express Physical Examination for HOs
Assisting Surgery as an HO
Excellent HO Traits
Day 3Attending Unstable and Collapsed Patients
Requesting Scans from the Radiologist
Practical Session Briefing
Practical Training
(Branula insertion, Venopuncture, CBD insertion, CPR training, Basic Suturing Skills)
End of Programme
  • CBD, Continous Bladder Drainage; CPR, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation ; HO, House Officer.