Table 5

Interview findings and illustrative quotes

Finding Interview quote
Openness to introducing new ways of working (14 respondents); concerns regarding time/resource implications of implementation and embedding (three respondents) (T)he thing that does concern me is the time to imbed the new practice because there is so much to take in, so much change, there’s so many boxes to tick sometimes; trying to imbed the practice is really challenging when it’s moving so fast and the work load is going through the roof; I think taking the time with the patient to be able to completely embed it is a challenge but I don’t think, I think as a team, I’ve only been here a short while, but as a team they seem really keen to improve and implement anything that’s new and that’s better. (P00905, PHN)
Discussion of screening and treatment of malnutrition as a common feature of team meetings (six respondents) No it’s never disruptive and it’s never caused an issue for anyone, that’s why I disagreed, we are quite a good stable team that get on well together and support each other when we are doing the work. (P00611, PHN)
Absence of a ‘key’ or ‘link’ member of staff to provide advice, support and best practice updates (six respondents) It would be a preference definitely to implement some kind of key worker strategy which I know they do try and do but quite often falls you know dead on the ground so, I think yeah with regards to that yes it definitely would be a more effective way of working if that was possible so that would be something good to be implemented I guess. (P00614, PHN)
Access to dietetic services in the community in need of improvement (five respondents) I mean my only concern is, my understanding is there is not many community dietitians you know so it’s just sort of getting advice, obviously we will refer to the GP but it’s not often we get input from dietitians themselves. We’ve sort of got basic guidelines on how to go through, so to have some more input from dietitians would be really good, really useful. (P00210, PHN)