Table 2

Multivariate analysis for the prevalence of IR in IRRF-Free among US adult, 2007–2014* N=2478

VariablePOR95% CI
Mexican American0.9181.0440.4522.414
Other Hispanics0.8241.1070.4462.744
Non-Hispanic whites0.4100.6990.2951.656
Non-Hispanic black0.2701.6890.6574.390
Non-Hispanic multiracial1.000
Educational level0.038
Less than grade 9 education0.7761.1580.4143.242
Grade 9–11 education0.0502.3461.0005.508
High school graduate/GED or equivalent0.0212.2091.1344.302
Some college students or joint AA degrees0.0242.1491.1084.168
 Bachelor degree or above1.000
WC (cm)<0.0011.0921.0441.142
TG (mg/dL)<0.0011.0101.0051.015
  • *Data are from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys. All data except for sample size are weighted accounting for the complex study design according to the directions of the National Centre for Health Statistics.

  • IR, insulin resistance; IRRF, IR risk factor; TG, triglyceride; WC, waist circumference.