Table 3

Dementia-friendly prison aims and changes made to prison A

Dementia-friendly prison aims6-Month follow-up
1-Year follow-up
Aims met?Change over last 6 monthsAims met?Change over the last 6 months
For betterNo changeFor worseFor betterNo changeFor worse
Views of people with dementia are listened to533.3426.764032032532565000
Good understanding of dementia among prison staff213.3213.31066.7213.3216.7216.7433.3216.7
Good understanding of dementia among prisoners533.3533.3853.316.7216.7325433.318.3
Accessible and appropriate prison activities for people with dementia426.716.71173.3213.332500758.318.3
People with dementia are made to feel they can contribute to prison life426.7320853.332032500758.318.3
Staff pick up and act on early signs of dementia213.3426.7853.316.7216.718.365018.3
People with dementia can engage fully in prison life640.0426.7853.316.7433.318.3758.300
People with dementia are supported to live as independently as possible1066.7640426.73201083.332565000
The prison is easy to get around for people with dementia426.716.7853.3320.0433.300758.318.3
People with dementia are respected426.716.7960426.7541.718.365018.3
People with dementia face stigma and discrimination here426.7320.0853.3213.3433.318.365018.3