Table 1

Progress as measured against Alzheimer’s Society Foundation Criteria (2014)

CriteriaPrison APrison B
1.Create or join a Dementia Action Alliance (DAA)
  1. Joined the local DAA, attended regularly by prison staff.

  2. Prison-only steering group not set up.

The prison did not join nor create a DAA or similar.
2.Identify a community leaderThere was a lead person liaising with the Alzheimer’s Society (AS) rep throughout. This changed several times across the study.The identified lead met with the AS rep once, but a dementia-friendly community was not worked towards.
3.Have an awareness raising plan
  1. Information sessions delivered largely to prisoner peer supporters as part of this research; AS rep delivered further session at a prisoner conference.

  2. Two staff members trained as dementia champions enabling them to deliver awareness sessions.

  3. Information session placed on staff training rotation, delivered by a staff dementia champion.

  4. Awareness raising was a part of the prisons’ dementia action plan.

  1. Information sessions delivered to prisoner peer supporters, and some healthcare and prison staff as part of the research.

  2. No known ongoing plan to raise dementia awareness at the prison, and no further information sessions delivered.

4.Involvement of people living with dementia, and their carers
  1. Prisoner peer supporters were asked for opinions, but the project was staff-led primarily.

  2. Little formal contact between AS rep and prisoners.

  3. No known involvement of family or friends of people with dementia.

Prison not working towards establishing a dementia-friendly community within this project, so no prisoner nor family or friends involved.
5.Publicise the work of the community
  1. The dementia action plan was posted on the DAA website.

  2. The AS rep was a speaker at a prison-wide conference for prisoner peer supporters.

  3. Staff working outside of specialist wings appeared unaware of the project.

  1. There was no dementia-friendly community plan.

  2. A prisoner who attended the information session as part of this research, used the information to create an edition of the in-house prisoner magazine focused on dementia.

6.Focus the action plans on two or three key prioritiesA dementia action plan was created focused on: raising awareness; improving the physical environment; and working with partners inside and outside the prison.No dementia action plan was created.
7.Have a 6 month and annual evaluation plan
  1. The prison participated in the research evaluation. The prison was continuing to work with AS and DAA, but unclear about ongoing plans to evaluate.

The prison participated in the research evaluation—no further evaluation plans made.