Table 1

Electronic search strategy for PubMed

#1(Depression OR Depressive Disorder, Major OR Depressive Disorder, Treatment-Resistant OR Dysthymic Disorder OR Seasonal Affective Disorder)(mh)
#2(depress* OR dysthym* or “seasonal affective” OR “affective disorder” OR “affective disorders“ OR “mood disorder” OR “mood disorders”)(tiab)
#3(Systematic review OR Meta-analysis)(pt) OR (Systematic* OR Meta-analy*)(tiab)
#4(Acupressure OR Acupuncture OR acid OR Alexander Technique OR alternative OR Aromatherapy OR Aroma Therapy OR Art Therap* OR ayurved* OR Balneotherapy OR Balneo Therapy OR bee OR Biofeedback OR Bio Feedback OR bright light OR Chelation Therapy OR Chinese Traditional Medicine OR Chiropractic OR Chronotherapy OR Color Therapy OR complementary OR craniosacral OR cupping OR Curcumin OR Dance Therapy OR diet OR Distant Healing OR Electroacupuncture OR Feldenkrais OR folic acid OR Folate OR Healing Touch OR herbal OR Herbs OR Homeopath* OR Honey OR Hydrotherapy OR hyperbaric oxygenation OR Hypericum perforatum OR Hyperthermia OR Hypnosis OR Imagery OR Inositol OR Kampo OR Light Therapy OR Magnesium OR Massage OR MBSR OR MBCT OR Meditation OR Mindfulness OR Morita Therapy OR Moxibustion OR Mediterranean OR Music Therap* OR Naturopathy OR Neural Therapy OR Omega-3 OR Osteopath* OR Ozone Therapy OR Phototherapy OR Pollen OR Prayer OR prebiotic* OR probiotic* OR Propolis OR Qi Gong OR Reflexology OR Reiki OR Relaxation OR Rolfing OR Royal Jelly OR S-adenosyl-L-methionine OR Saffron OR Shamanism OR Snoezelen OR Speleotherapy OR Spinal Manipulation OR Spiritual OR St John's Wort OR Supplements OR Tai Chi OR TCM OR Therapeutic Touch OR Traditional Chinese Medicine OR Tryptophan OR Tui na OR Turmeric OR vegan OR vegetarian OR venom OR Vitamin OR Yoga OR zinc)(tiab)
#5(Acupressure OR Acupuncture OR Acupuncture Therapy OR Acids OR Aromatherapy OR Art Therapy OR Balneology OR Biofeedback, Psychology OR Chelation Therapy OR Chiropractic OR Chronotherapy OR Color Therapy OR Complementary Therapies OR Crocus OR Curcuma OR Dance Therapy OR Diet OR Electroacupuncture OR Fatty Acids, Omega-3 OR Folic Acid OR Homeopathy OR Honey OR Hydrotherapy OR Hypericum OR Hyperthermia, Induced OR Hypnosis OR Imagery OR Inositol OR Magnesium OR Manipulation, Spinal OR Massage OR Medicine, Ayurvedic OR Medicine, Chinese Traditional OR Medicine, Kampo OR Meditation OR Mind-Body Therapies OR Mindfulness OR Moxibustion OR Naturopathy OR Ozone OR Phototherapy OR Plants, Medicinal OR Pollen OR Prebiotics OR Probiotics OR Propolis OR Qigong OR Relaxation OR Shamanism OR Speleotherapy OR Spiritual Therapies OR Supplements, Dietary OR Tai Ji OR Therapeutic Touch OR Tryptophan OR Venoms OR Vitamins OR Yoga OR Zinc)(mh)
#6(#1 OR #2) AND #3 AND (#4 OR #5)