Table 2

Reported outcome category, outcome examples and outcomes measures, ordered according to the frequency of use in included studies

Outcome categoryOutcome examplesExemplary outcome measures
Restoration successClinical performance
Restoration quality
Survival of tooth and restoration
Modified US Public Health Service (USPHS) criteria
Modified atraumatic restorative treatment criteria
Radiographic evaluation (Bitewings)
Number of reinterventions
Survival rate
Pain/discomfort/ hypersensitivityResponse to stimulus
Pain during and after dental treatment/intervention
Schiff Cold Air Sensitivity Scale
Modified behaviour pain scale
Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)
Aesthetic improvementAesthetic improvementQuestionnaires
Clinical photography
Mineral gainMineral gainLaser fluorescence readings
Scanning electron microscope/energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry
Quantitative light-induced fluorescence
Space managementSpace closure after extraction
Need of orthodontic intervention
Amount of spontaneous space closure
Anaesthesia effectivenessAnaesthesia technique
Need for local anaesthesia
Presence of pain during treatment
Pain efficacy scale
Preventive successClinical performance
Sealant quality
Ability to prevent caries and enamel breakdown
Success/Modified USPHS criteria
EfficiencyCosts of treatmentPlacement time
Used materials
Laboratory costs
Quality of lifeOral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL)Self-administered OHRQoL questionnaires child oral health impact profile (COHIP G-19), child perceptions questionnaire (CPQ 8–10), (CPQ 11–14)
Gingival and periodontal healthPresence of gingivitis and periodontitis
Oral hygiene
Subgingival microbiota
Gingival index
Pocket depth
Turesky plaque index
Checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridisation
Patient satisfactionPatient satisfaction with treatmentVAS