Table 1

Questionnaire development process

Description of stepQuestionnaire changes
1. Tailor questionnaire for current studyAdapted existing statements to relate to PA. 
Adapted the measurement scale to allow participants to rate factors as ‘important’ or ‘not important’.
2. PPI feedbackPanel feedback suggested modifying the measurement scale to ‘agree’ and ‘disagree’ allowing statements to be framed positively.
Appearance changes to declutter the questionnaire.
Change language tone to be warmer and more empathetic.
Comprehensive coverage of all influencing factors.
3. Pilot with target populationQuestionnaire instructions and statements were clear.
Identified childcare and receipt of healthcare professional advice as additional factors to add to questionnaire.
4. Refine using qualitative interview dataTiredness identified as a theme in interviews to add to the questionnaire.
  • PPI, patient and public involvement.