Table 2

Questionnaire statement responses

Questionnaire statement*
I would be more active if…
Mean (SD)95% CIQuestionnaire response %Categorisation†
 I had a better understanding of why it was important2.34 (1.60)2.09 to 2.5939.928.510.
 I knew what to do3.43 (1.94)3.13 to 3.7322.217.713.31219.678.2Disagree
 I were physically stronger3.35 (1.90)3.04 to 3.6621.520.312.715.
 I learnt strategies, eg, goal setting3.40 (1.81)3.12 to 3.6819.017.718.413.917.77.06.3Disagree
 I did not give up so easily3.82 (2.01)3.5 to 4.1417.116.510.813.920.38.213.3Neutral
 I had more stamina physically3.85 (1.90)3.55 to 4.1514.616.512.014.620.313.38.9Neutral
 I had more stamina mentally3.85 (1.84)3.56 to 4.1416.512.08.920.326.67.08.9Neutral
 I had more time6.06 (1.46)5.83 to
 I had more money4.17 (2.11)3.84 to 4.514.613.313.99.516.512.020.3Neutral
 I felt less tired5.61 (1.65)5.35 to 5.873.82.55.710.115.219.643.0Agree
 I had childcare5.52 (1.79)5.25 to 5.815.
 I had the right kit, for example, clothes, trainers, pram3.20 (1.87)2.91 to 3.4921.524.713.313.913.94.48.2Disagree
 It were easier to access facilities, for example, leisure centres, gyms, swimming pools4.37 (1.99)4.06 to 4.6810.
 There were suitable spaces to be active, for example, public parks, greenspaces, well lit/safe footpaths3.85 (1.94)3.55 to 4.1515.815.210.817.119.610.111.4Neutral
 I were part of a group4.66 (1.83)4.37 to 4.9510.83.810.111.428.518.417.1Agree
 I were prompted to do so4.25 (1.80)3.96 to 4.529.512.
 I had encouragement from those around me4.34 (1.81)4.06 to 4.628.210.112.721.517.715.214.6Neutral
 I was advised to do so by a healthcare professional4.54 (1.96)4.23 to 4.8510.810.
 I had more motivation4.58 (1.87)4.29 to 4.878.
 I felt it would do me good3.68 (1.85)3.39 to 3.9717.712.713.322.216.510.17.6Neutral
 I felt I could develop a habit4.65 (1.78)4.37 to 4.938.
 I had a plan4.49 (1.87)4.2 to 4.7810.18.99.513.327.213.917.1Neutral
  • *Participants responded on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 7 (strongly agree).

  • Mean response to statement categorised as agree ≥ 4.5,  neutral ≥3.5 <4.5, disagree < 3.5.