Table 1

Characteristics of included studies (n=35)

StudyYearSettingN of partAgeStudy typeFollow-up (months)Trial regNo. of armsP cal
 Koch and Garcia-Godoy 44 2000Uni. H126–8Pro Co24–60n3n
 Lygidakis et al 45 2003Uni. H468–10Pro Co48n1n
 Zagdwon et al 46 2003Uni. H176–16RCT12–24n2y
 Kotsanos et al 32 2005Uni. H728Retro Co52n4n
 Mejàre et al 33 2005Uni. H766–17Retro Co62n7n
 Jälevik and,Möller47 2007Uni. H276–13Retro Co44–99n1n
 Lygidakis et al 48 2009Uni. H476–7RCT48n2n
 Baroni and Marchionni 49 2011Uni. H306–9Pro Co36n1n
 Gaardmand et al 50 2013Uni. H338–18Retro Co39n1n
 Cabasse et al 51 2015Uni. H399Pro Co nn1n
 Fragelli et al 52 2015Uni. H216–9Pro Co12n1n
 Bekes et al 53 2016Uni. H168Pro Co2n2y
 Bakkal et al 54 2017Uni. H387–12RCT1n2n
 de Souza et al 55 2017Uni. H186–8RCT18y2n
 Fragelli et al 56 2017Uni. H216–8RCT18n2y
 Sönmez and Saat 57 2017Uni. H428–12RCT24n4n
 Dixit and Joshi 58 2018Uni. H328–14RCTn/an2y
 Folayan et al 59 2018Uni. H738–16Pro Con/an2n
 Grossi et al 60 2018Uni. H407–13Pro Co12y1n
 Koleventi et al 61 2018Uni. H1411Pro Co6n2n
 Pasini et al 62 2018Uni. H408–13Pro Co4n2n/a
 Dhareula et al 63 2019Uni. H308–13RCT36y2y
 Wong and Winter 64 2002Uni. H15n/aRCT6n1n
 Özgül et al 65 2013Uni. H337–12RCT1n6n
 Sheoran et al 66 2014Uni. H2511–13RCT1n2n
 Restrepo et al 67 2016Uni. H519–12Pro Co1n2y
 Bhandari et al 68 2018Uni. Hn/a7–16Pro Co6n1n
 Hasmun et al 69 2018Uni. H1117–16Pro Con/an1y
Only registered
 DRKS000097602016Uni. H406–70RCT6y2n
 DRKS000118822017Uni. H3007–14Pro Co0,5y3n/a
NCT036148192018Uni. H1226–10RCT24y2n/a
NCT037604972018Uni. H3006–10RCT24y3n/a
NCT038268102019Uni. H48n/aRCT12y2n/a
NCT038709582019Uni. H1956–9RCT36y2n/a
NCT038620142019Uni. H1006–10RCT24y2n/a
  • Studies were separated according to target condition (MIH in molars or incisors), and ordered chronologically.

  • N of part, number of participants; P cal, power calculation; Pro Co, prospective cohort; RCT, randomised controlled trial; Retro Co, retrospective cohort; Trial reg, trial registration; Uni. H, University hospital; n, no;n/a, not available; y, yes.