Table 1

Overview of outcomes and associated measures

Service delivery outcomes
(measurement tool)
Parent outcomes
(measurement tool)
Child outcomes
(measurement tool)
Health System outcomes (measurement tool)Process outcomes (measurement tool)
Coordination among providers (family experiences with care coordination)Life satisfaction
(KIDSCREEN, Satisfaction with Life Scale)
Life satisfaction (KIDSCREEN)Health utilisation, for example, hospital admissions,
ER visits and so on
(available for all Ontario residents in linked administrative databases housed at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences—see online supplementary appendix 4 for list of databases)
Patient and family experience
(qualitative interviews)
Coordination between providers and families (family experiences with care coordination)Overall health (patient-reported outcomes measurement information system)Physical pain (Visual Analogue Scale)
Utility of planning/follow-up tools (family experiences with care coordination)Energy and fatigue (patient-reported outcomes measurement information system)
Individual family experiences with care coordination indicators (family experiences with care coordination)Out-of-pocket expenses (expense diary—see online supplementary appendix 3)
  • Parental support in the community (family experiences with care coordination).