Table 1

Personal characteristics of F2 doctors

Gender: female385355.9
Gender: male297743.2
Gender: total683099.1
Gender: missing600.09
Graduate entrant: yes157222.9
Graduate entrant: no528777.1
Graduate entrant: total685999.6
Graduate entrant: missing310.4
F1 intention: specialty training (UK)371353.9
F1 intention: no intention to apply for specialty training210630.6
F1 intention: no FY1 year230.33
F1 intention: undecided about career path104715.20
F1 intention: total688999.9
F1 intention: missing10.1
Career behaviour: specialty training (UK)279241.0
Career behaviour: other employment UK/further study233734.32
Career behaviour: working abroad4045.9
Career behaviour: other employment (UK or abroad)10.01
Career behaviour: specialty training (UK or abroad)30.04
Career behaviour: deferred1782.61
Career behaviour: turned down1031.5
Career behaviour: career break95113.9
Career behaviour: left medicine410.6
Career behaviour: total681098.83
Career behaviour: missing801.16
Total number of respondents6890100