Table 2

Factors influencing interest in health-related research

n=1486Type of effectP valueAdjusted OR*
Site Cairns/MackayRandom0.480.85 (0.052–14)
Female genderFixed0.000791.4 (1.2–1.7)
Increasing age (one decade)Fixed6.6×10-8 1.2 (1.1–1.3)
Increasing socioeconomic index†Fixed0.611.0 (0.99–1.0)
Intervention (TV screen)Fixed0.00631.3 (1.1–1.7)
  • *A multinomial logistic mixed model using a cumulative logit link for ordinal outcomes was used to estimate OR of an increase in one step (of the three-stepped scale) for factors correlating to an increased interest in health-related research. All independent variables were entered simultaneously in the model. 1486 participants had a complete data set and could be included.

  • †An Australian index of socioeconomic standard linked to post code. Varies between 0 (lowest standard) and 100 (best standard).