Table 1

Clinical checklist used for evaluation during the on-the-job training sessions

NoDomainsClinical skillsYesNoScore
1Communication skillsEstablish rapport (yes when: greets, obtain name or demonstrate respect
2Show the patient where to sit
3Eye contact
4Active listening
0–5 points
5HistoryIdentify chief complaint (using open question)
6Analysis of chief complaint
7Encourage patient to express feeling
8Review systems pertaining to the main complaint
0–5 points
9ExaminationProper exposure for the organ under examination
10Proper positioning of patient for examination
11Proper use of available equipment*
12Examine all related organs to the complaint
0–5 points
13DiagnosesWrite clear diagnoses
0–5 points†
14TreatmentClear management plan present
15Discuss management plan with patient
16Offer advice for patients in suggestive approach that give choices rather than directive approach
17Ensure that patient understands the management plan
0–5 points
18Follow-upTell the patient when and where to come for follow-up visit
0–5 points†
19ClosingClose the session
0–5 points†
20DocumentDocumentation (clear hand writing or save and send at e-health clinics)
0–5 points†
Total points 100
  • Score five points for each of the eight domains.

  • *Equipment included fetoscope, otoscope and ophthalmoscope.

  • †Item 13, 18, 19 and 20 are scored as item absent=0 points or present=5 points.