Table 3

ICU-related variables—collected at enrolment and DAILY during ICU stay*

ICU variables—collected at enrolment and daily during ICU stayCollection method
Sedation medications and dose, with sedation status—RASS score160 and CAM-ICUChart review
Neuromuscular blocker, corticosteroid drug use and doseChart review
Insulin dose and blood glucose levelChart review
SOFA§ organ failure score (including vasopressor data)Chart review
Creatinine, creatine phosphokinase, blood urea nitrogenChart review
Nutrition received (calories/protein, type and route of feeding)Chart review
Mobility/rehabilitation receivedChart review
Compliance with proposed intervention regimenCRF review
  • §SOFA: a validated composite score of 6 organ systems used to assess the severity of ICU organ dysfunction.161

  • CRF, case report form; RASS, Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale.