Table 4

Primary and secondary outcomes—all performed by blinded assessors*

InstrumentAssessment timing
Primary outcome
 Physical functioning6 min walk distance (6MWD)Hospital discharge
Secondary outcomes
 Overall strength-upper and lower extremityMRC sum-scoreHospital discharge
 Quadriceps force-lower extremity strengthHand-held dynamometryHospital discharge
 Distal strength-hand grip strengthHand grip dynamometryICU and hospital discharge
 Overall Physical Functional statusSPPB and FSS-ICUICU and hospital discharge
 Physical functioning (ADL)Katz ADLHospital discharge
 MortalityChart reviewICU and hospital discharge
 Length of ventilation, ICU and hospital stayChart reviewICU and hospital discharge
 ICU readmission and reintubationChart reviewHospital discharge
 Hospital-acquired infectionsChart reviewHospital discharge
 Discharge location (eg, home vs rehab)Chart reviewHospital discharge
 Body compositionUltrasound of rectus femoris, vastus intermedius, tibialis anteriorEnrolment, ICU and hospital discharge
 Body composition (when clinically available)Chest CT scan (above the aortic arch)Only when clinically available
 Body composition (when clinically available)Abdominal CT scan at third lumbar vertebraOnly when clinically available
 Health-related quality of lifeSF-36 and EQ-5D-5LTelephone survey at 6 months
 Physical functioningKatz ADL; Lawton IADLTelephone survey at 6 months
 Physical functioningReturn to baseline work/activityTelephone survey at 6 months
 Physical functioningLiving locationTelephone survey at 6 months
 Mental and cognitive functioningMoCA-BLIND, HADS and IES-RTelephone survey at 6 months
 Healthcare resource utilisationAdmission to ICU, hospital, rehabilitation and nursing facilityTelephone survey at 6 months
  • ADL, activities of daily living; IADL, instrumental activities of daily living; FSS-ICU, Functional Status Score for ICU; ICU, intensive care unit; MRC, Medical Research Council; SPPB, Short Physical Performance Battery.