Table 1

List of reportable and non-reportable MRI abnormalities (adapted from the UK Biobank, German National Cohort and Rotterdam Scan studies)5 10 11

Reportable findingsNon-reportable findings
  • Acute brain infarction.

  • Acute brain haemorrhage (note: not old bleeds).

  • Intracranial mass lesions (note: not meningiomas in locations considered unlikely to cause problems).

  • Suspected intracranial aneurysm or vascular malformation (including cavernomata) (note: not aneurysms <7 mm in diameter).

  • Colloid cyst of the third ventricle.

  • Acute hydrocephalus.

  • Significant sinus disease with suspicion of underlying pathology (eg, unilateral sinus opacification).

  • Other unexpected, serious or life-threatening findings.

  • White matter hyperintensities.

  • Suspected demyelination.

  • Non-acute brain infarction.

  • Chronic hydrocephalus.

  • Asymmetric ventricles.

  • Lipoma of the corpus callosum.

  • Developmental abnormalities.

  • Enlarged perivascular spaces.

  • Chiari malformation.

  • Hippocampal or other focal atrophy.