Table 1

Average filled/sanctioned positions for staff and IPHS requirement fulfilment for DHs and PHCs

DesignationAverage filled to sanctioned- DHsAverage filled to sanctioned- PHCs% DHs fulfilling IPHS requirements% PHCs fulfilling IPHS requirements
Medical officer52% (34)68% (190)53% (34)100% (190)
Staff nurse44% (33)42% (48)15% (33)*
Auxiliary nurse midwife78% (24)81% (173)42% (173)
Laboratory technician35% (32)27% (148)0% (32)27% (148)
Compounder/pharmacist56% (32)63% (171)16% (32)70% (171)
Storekeeper58% (28)57% (101)61% (28)57% (101)
  • Only permanent positions are considered. Cases where information on sanctioned positions was missing were excluded. Medical officers include physicians, obstetricians, paediatricians and anaesthetists. PHC IPHS guidelines mention to appoint at least four nurse- midwives. We consider at least four ANMs for each facility since the information for staff nurse is unavailable for most facilities.

  • *DH IPHS guidelines mention the requirement for staff nurse/ANM combined and hence we consider the combined availability of staff nurse and ANM.

  • ANM, auxiliary nurse midwife; DHs, district hospitals; IPHS, Indian public health standard; PHCs, primary health centres.