Table 2

Quality of care reported by mothers delivering at the primary health centres (PHCs) and district hospitals (DHs)

Quality of carePHCs (n=671)DHs (n=1419)
YesNoDon’t knowYesNoDon’t know
Was the baby wrapped in a clean cloth after birth?97.91%1.34%0.75%96.41%1.20%2.40%
Did this person wear gloves before conducting your delivery?96.87%1.64%1.49%95.49%1.20%3.31%
Was the baby wiped dry after delivery?95.68%2.53%1.79%93.31%2.47%4.23%
Was the baby weighed after delivery?92.55%3.73%3.73%88.94%5.64%5.43%
After delivery, was nothing applied to the cord?91.36%8.67%0%85.27%14.73%0%
Did the person wash hands with soap before conducting your delivery?76.15%3.73%20.12%73.50%5.14%21.35%
Was the baby placed on the mother’s abdomen immediately after birth?49.78%42.92%7.30%40.03%48.98%10.99%
Were you advised by the nurse or anyone else to keep the baby naked on your chest, next to your skin?35.77%63.49%0.75%23.82%75.26%0.92%
Did you breastfeed your baby immediately after delivery?24.29%75.71%0%21.17%78.48%0.24%
Was any advice given to you regarding your health or your baby’s health before you were discharged from the facility?29.06%70.94%0%18.60%81.40%0%
Was blood pressure measured after delivery, before discharge?9.99%90.91%0%8.67%91.33%0%
  • Wrapping the baby in a clean cloth after birth, wearing gloves before delivery and wiping the baby dry after delivery were the three most commonly followed practices reported by the mothers (highlighted in green). Breastfeeding the baby immediately after delivery, advice regarding mother and child’s health and measuring blood pressure were the three least followed practices (highlighted in orange).