Table 2

Example of data analysis process

Codes (from interview and observational data)CategoriesTheme
GP interview
  • Eczema ‘simple to treat’ nothing much has changed over the years – it’s bread and butter to us.

It’s simple to treatBeliefs about eczema
HV interview
  • Basics are the same, but there’s lots of personal preference.

GP interview
  • Common complaint ‘know by heart’.

Observational data
  • Perception from GPs that it’s a straightforward condition, treatment is fairly standard and that there is limited need for further knowledge. Intranet rarely used but fairly standard set of resources for GPs.

GP interview
  • Software will fire up a message if another product should be used.

No need to think too much
Pharmacist interview
  • Script Switch – computer tells you if you are prescribing the wrong thing and suggests an alternative.

Observational data
  • Belief that guidance is more about cost that research.

Observational data
  • Eczema is not a condition that is mentioned in ‘learning’ interactions such as debriefs.

  • GP, general practitioner; HV, health visitor.