Table 1

Comparison of the formulations of AS Grindeks oxytocin injection product labelled for refrigerated storage with AS Grindeks and Biol products labelled for storage outside the cold chain

Grindeks (2°C–8°C)Grindeks (≤25°C)Biol (≤25°C)
Oxytocin (16.7 µg/mL)ActiveYesYesYes
Glacial acetic acidpH modifierYesYesYes
Sodium acetate trihydrateBuffer saltYesNoYes
Sodium chlorideTonicityYesNoYes
Sodium hydroxidepH modifierYesNoNo
Chlorobutanol hemihydratePreservative/stabiliserNoYesYes
Water for injectionDiluentYesYesYes
Shelf-life4 years (2°C–8°C)
3 months (up to 30°C)
2 years2 years