Table 1

Data extraction table for the three research questions

Data to be abstracted
Article summary1.1 Title
1.2 Author(s)
1.3 Year of publication
1.4 Research design
1.5 Country of publication
1.6 Journal
1.7 Citation
1.8 RQs addressed (1, 2 and/or 3)
RQ1: Digital technologies in use2.1 Name of digital technology in use
2.2 General digital technology category
RQ2: Digital technology usage methods/relationship to compassionate care3.1 How digital technology is being used and how it relates to the delivery of compassionate mental health care
RQ3: Barriers and facilitators4.1 Descriptors of barriers to digital technology use
4.2 Descriptors of facilitators to digital technology use
  • RQ, research question.