Table 1

Objective prison crowding measures identified in the literature

MeasureExample of study using measure
1. Prisoner population divided by the design capacity of the prisonMcCorkle et al, 199544
2. Prisoner population divided by the rated capacity of the prisonTartaro, 200245
3. Percentage of prison cells or dormitories reported as overcrowded by the institutionAnson, 198446
4. Prisoner population divided by the total no of available bedsBonta and Kiem, 197847
5. No of prisoners per prisonRuback and Carr, 198434
6. No of prisoners per living space/cell unit (including communal areas)Atlas, 198248
7. No of prisoners per cellUrrego et al, 201549
8. No of square metres of the total prison floor area per personEkland-Olson et al, 198350
9. No of square metres of the total living space/cell unit of the prisoner (including communal areas) per personMegargee, 197751
10. No of square metres of the cell per personMcCain et al, 197652