Table 2

Effect of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for research in the first year on performing research in the second year of medical training: crude and adjusted for age, gender, extracurricular high school activities, self-efficacy, perceptions of research and curiosity

Intrinsic motivationExtrinsic motivation
OR95% CIOR95% CI
Crude3.4182.083 to 5.6061.4260.963 to 2.110
Adjusted for age and gender3.4332.084 to 5.6551.4150.953 to 2.100
Idem+extracurricular high school activities3.4032.046 to 5.6601.4910.994 to 2.235
Idem+self-efficacy3.3411.863 to 5.9921.2970.850 to 1.979
Idem+perceptions of research2.7901.509 to 5.1601.1050.714 to 1.710
Idem+curiosity2.5361.346 to 4.7781.0460.671 to 1.631