Table 2

Search terms used to identify evidence to inform the systematic review (example for PubMed database)

Academic databases
Search termsprison OR ‘corrective service*’ OR ‘correctional cent*’ OR ‘correctional complex’ OR ‘correctional facilit*’ OR borstal OR jail* OR gaol* OR penitentiary OR ‘detention cent*’ OR custody OR custodial OR ‘closed setting*’ AND accommodation OR cell OR room OR cubicle OR dormitory OR *crowding OR ‘social density’ OR ‘spatial density’ AND health OR illness OR sickn* OR infectio* OR transmissi* OR disease* OR hepatitis OR HIV OR tuberculosis OR parasite* OR bacteria* OR virus OR viral OR influenz* OR gastroent* OR disorder OR depressi* OR stress OR anxiety OR aggression OR irritability OR violence OR self-harm OR suicide OR well-being OR wellbeing AND prisoner* OR inmate* OR incarcerated OR criminal* OR felon* OR remandee* OR delinquent* OR detainee* OR convict* OR cellmate*
Targeted grey literature
Search terms*Prison cell and health effects, prison cell and health, jail cell and health, jail cell and health effects, prison cell and health and size, jail cell and health and size
  • *Search terms varied according to website, only some examples are provided.