Table 2

Mean changes in P3C-OCT scores between time 1 and time 2 for 36 paired practices

Time 1Time 2Change T1→ T2 (p value; effect size)
Total OCT Score5.86.70.9 (p=0.01; r=0.42)*
Information and Communication7.48.10.7 (p=0.25; r=0.19)
Care Planning6.67.20.6 (p=0.14; r=0.25)
Goals and  Outcomes6.17.81.7 (p<0.001; r=0.61)*
Transitions4.95.20.3 (p=0.43; r=013)
Organisational Process Activities4.35.20.9 (p=0.03; r=0.36)
Decision Making3.84.40.6 (p=0.07; r=0.3)
  • The top row provides the total OCT score (out of a maximum of 20), followed by domains of P3C. The OCT score for each domain is given for time 1, time  2  and the difference between time 1 and 2. The statistical significance of these differences is indicated by  p value from Wilcoxon signed-rank test. Statistically significant results (at the level p<0.008; corresponding to a Bonferroni adjustment for six tests at the p<0.05 significance level) are indicated in bold font and with * next to the p value. Effect sizes were calculated as test statistic z by the square root of the number of pairs.

  • OCT, Organisational Change Tool; P3C, Person Centred Coordinated Care.