Table 1

Avon classification of sudden unexpected deaths in infancy*

0Information not collected0/640%
IANo potentially significant factors or contributory factors found (SIDS)0/640%
IBFactors present but not likely to have contributed to the death (SIDS)10/6415.6%
IIAFactors present and may possibly have contributed to the death (SIDS)29/6445.3%
IIBFactors present and probably contributed to the death (SIDS)21/6432.8%
IIIFully explained death4/646.3%
  • *The multiprofessional case review meetings included a range of relevant professionals with experience in the field (paediatrician, paediatric pathologist, health visitor, police officer, social worker). After discussion of each case, each was categorised according to the Avon clinicopathological categorisation system8 as an explained or unexplained (SIDS) death.

  • SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.