Table 5

Multivariable model (SIDS vs controls)

CharacteristicCategorySIDSControlsOR (95% CI)P value
Sleeping with carerHazardous†21/6035.06/1943.140.2 (10.6 to 152.8)<0.0001
Sleeping positionFound prone20/6033.36/1943.129.1 (7.2 to 118.0)<0.0001
Health final weekFair or poor32/6053.318/1949.310.9 (3.9 to 31.1)<0.0001
Multiple birthTwin5/608.32/1941.057.4 (7.4 to 444.1)0.0002
Feeding final week<Usual20/6033.312/1946.25.0 (1.5 to 16.7)0.009
Maternal education≤GCSE‡30/6050.032/19416.53.9 (1.4 to 11.0)0.01
  • *Adjusted for infant age, 60 SIDS cases and 194 controls in the model.

  • †Includes those sleeping directly next to a parent that has consumed alcohol or smoked or where carer or infant slept on a sofa.

  • ‡Highest educational qualification of mother was the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) (awarded at 16 years) or below.

  • SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.