Table 1

Summary of self-reported measures schedule

Intervention and control groups 2018Delayed intervention group only 2019
Baseline (t0)
Follow-up (t1)
Follow-up (t3)
Follow-up (t4) (April)Follow-up (t5)
(June– July)
Follow-up (t6)
UVR Protection Diary
EuroQol five dimensions questionnaire (EQ-5D)
Short-form Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (SWEMWBS)
Self-Report Behavioural Automaticity Index’ (SRBAI)
Photoprotection Self-efficacy Questionnaire (PhotoSEQ)
Brief Photoprotection Adherence Questionnaire (BPAQ)
Service Use Questionnaire (SUQ)
Feedback questionnaire (intervention group only)