Table 2

Keywords and query used for hypertension and quality indicator

DatabasesKeywords and query
MEDLINEKeywords: ‘Hypertension’(MeSH), ‘Quality Indicators, Health Care’(MeSH)
Query: ‘Hypertension’(MeSH) AND ‘Quality Indicators, Health Care’(MeSH)
CochraneKeywords: ‘Hypertension’(MeSH), ‘Quality Indicators, Health Care’(MeSH)
Query: MeSH descriptor: [Quality Indicators, Health Care] explode all trees AND MeSH descriptor: (Hypertension) explode all trees
ScopusKeywords: Hypertension, High blood pressure, High blood pressures, Hypertensive, Quality indicator, Quality measure, Quality assessment, Clinical indicator, Effectiveness indicator, Outcome indicator, Performance indicator, Structure indicator, Process indicator
Query: (KEY ((hypertension OR hypertensive OR ‘high blood pressure*‘) AND (‘quality indicator*’ OR ‘clinical indicator*’ OR ‘quality measure*’ OR ‘outcome indicator*’ OR ‘effectiveness indicator*’ OR ‘performance indicator*’ OR ‘structure indicator*’ OR ‘process indicator*”)) AND TITLE (hypertension OR hypertensive OR ‘high blood pressure*"))