Table 1

Selected articles used for defining the attributes

Unique papers identified based on title and keywords
11991Clark, Becker, Janz, Lorig, Rawkowski, and AndersonSelf-management of chronic disease by older adults: a review and questions for research
22002Barlow, Wright, Sheasby, Turner, and HainsworthSelf-management approaches for people with chronic conditions: a review
32003Lorig and HolmanSelf-management education: history, definition, outcomes and mechanisms
42011PackerAn occupation-focused approach to self-management
52011Richard, and SheaDelineation of self-care and associated concepts
62012Schulman-Green, Jaser, Martin, Alonzo, Grey, McCorkle, Redeker, Reynolds, and WhittemoreProcesses of self-management in chronic illness
72015Boger, Ellis, Latter, Foster, Kennedy, Jones, Fenerty, and DemainSelf-management and self-management support outcomes: a systematic review and mixed research synthesis of stakeholders views
82015Miller, Lasiter, Ellis, and BuelowChronic disease self-management a hybrid concept analysis
92016Audulv, Packer, Hutchinson, Roger, and KephartConcept analysis—coping, adapting or self-managing: what’s the difference? A concept review based on the neurological literature
102017Ellis, Boger, Latter, Kennedy, Jones, Foster, and DemainConceptualisation of the ‘good’ self-manager: a qualitative investigation of stakeholder views on the self-management of long-term health conditions
Included articles based on triangulation of resources
111995ClementDiabetes self-management education
121999Lorig, Sobel, Stewart, Brown, Bandura, Ritter, Gonzalez, Laurent, and HolmanEvidence suggesting that chronic disease self-management can improve health status while reducing hospitalisation: a randomised trial
131999Alderson, Starr, Gow, and MorelandThe programme for rheumatic independent self-management: a pilot evaluation
142000EdworthyHow important is patient self-management?
152000Barlow, Turner, and WrightA randomised controlled study of arthritis self-management programme in the UK
162001Lorig, Sobel, Ritter, Laurent, and HobbsEffect of a self-management programme on patients with chronic disease
172001Norris, Engelgau, and NarayanEffectiveness of self-management training in type 2 diabetes
182002Bodenheimer, Lorig, Holman and GrumbachPatient self-management of chronic disease in primary care
192004van de Wiel and Weijmar SchultzSelf-management: a new paradigm in patient education
202005Bodenheimer, MacGregor, and SharifiHelping patients manage their chronic conditions
212006Newbould, Taylor, and BuryLay-led self-management in chronic illness: a review of the evidence
222007Bayliss, Ellis, and SteinerBarriers to self-management and quality of life outcomes in seniors with multimorbidities
232010Girdler, Boldy, Dhaliwal, Crowley, and PackerVision self-management for older adults: a randomised controlled trial
242011Omisakin, and NcamaSelf, self-care and self-management concepts: implications for self-management education
252011Lawn, McMillan, and PulvirentiChronic condition self-management: expectations of responsibility
262012Ghahari, and PackerEffectiveness of online and face-to-face fatigue self-management programmes for adults with neurological conditions
272013PackerSelf-management interventions: using occupational lens to rethink and refocus
282013AudulvThe overtime development of chronic illness self-management patterns: a longitudinal qualitative study
292014Panagioti, Richardson, Small, Murray, Rogers, Kennedy, Newman, & BowerSelf-management support interventions to reduce healthcare utilisation without compromising outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis
302014Richardson, Loyola-Sanchez, Sinclair, Harris, Letts, Macintyre,  & GinisSelf-management interventions for chronic disease: a systematic scoping review
312014Thille, Ward, and RussellSelf-management support in primary care: enactments, disruptions and conversational consequences
322016Raymond, Levasseur, Chouinard, Mathieu, and GagnonStanford chronic disease self-management programme in myotonic dystrophy: new opportunities for occupational therapists
332016Dayenne van Schie, Stynke Castelein, Jaap van der Bijl, Robert Meijburg, Barbara Stringer and Berno van MeijelSystematic review of self-management in patients with schizophrenia: psychometric assessment of tools, levels of self-management and associated factors
Included articles based on triangulation of researchers.
341997Clark, Janz and Dodge.Self-management
351998Dunbar, Jacobson, and DeatonHeart failure: strategies to enhance patient self-management
  • The order of the articles in the table is first based on the different phases of the search strategy and second by date.