Table 3

Descriptive statistics from the training and validation data sets

Training data setValidation data setVariable description
  1 357 9891 356 245Sample size
  4.9%4.9%Per cent with a death date listed (2015 through first quarter of 2016)
 29.5%29.5%Per cent with six or more months of HMO in 2014
 16.7%16.7%Per cent with six or more months of state buy in for 2014 (duals)
 1.561.55Average Charlson score per person
 0.6%0.6%Per cent of people with a hospice claim in the last 120 days of 2014
Annualised utilisation rates per 1000
 250.3252.0Ambulatory/surgery visits
 249.9251.6Ancillary visits
 1456.51452.3Diagnostic services visits
 1318.31316.0Emergency department visits
 318.0315.9Inpatient admissions
 221.0220.4Non-acute visits
 7749.57746.4Outpatient visits
 54.3%54.5%Per cent Female
 45.7%45.5%Per cent Male
 87.1%87.0%Per cent age 60 and over
 69.869.9Average age
Charlson conditions (percentage of population in data set)
 2.9%2.9%Myocardial infarction
 8.5%8.5%Cerebrovascular disease
 14.1%14.1%Chronic pulmonary disease
 2.7%2.7%Connective tissue disease-rheumatic disease
 3.1%3.1%Mild liver disease
 18.4%18.4%Diabetes without complications
 6.1%6.1%Diabetes with complications
 1.0%1.1%Paraplegia and hemiplegia
 7.7%7.6%Renal disease
 0.3%0.3%Moderate or severe liver disease
 0.9%0.9%Metastatic carcinoma
  • CHF, congestive heart failure; HMO, health maintenance organisation; PUD, peptic ulcer disease; PVD, peripheral vascular disease.