Table 3

Examples of measurement tools and examples of possible questions

AttributeExample of a measurement toolExample of a possible question or item from the tool relating to the attribute
Person-oriented attributes
 1Self-Advocacy Scale (SAS)78I frequently make suggestions about my healthcare needs.
 2SAS78Sometimes there are good reasons not to follow the advice of a physician. I have full knowledge of my health problem.
 3COPE inventory79I focus on dealing with this problem, and if necessary let other things slide a little.
 3Medical Outcomes Study-Social Support Survey80Is there someone you can count on to listen to you when you need to talk?
Person-environment-oriented attributes
 4SAS78I am educated about my health or I have full knowledge of my health problem.
 5Occupational Performance History Interview81Are you able to meet personal needs?
 6The Healthcare Climate Questionnaire (HCCQ)82I feel that my healthcare provider team has provided me choices and options.
 7Ghent Participation Scale83I completely trust the person(s) who performed this activity for me.
Summarising attributes
 8Life Balance InventoryHow is the degree of congruence between your desired and actual time use (in 53 activities)?
 9.1COPE inventory79I take additional action to try to get rid of the problem.
 9.2Impact on Participation and Autonomy84The possibility to wash and dress myself, or have myself washed and dressed, when I want is excellent, very good, moderate, poor, very poor.
 9.3The Duke Older Americans Resources and Services Procedures85Is there someone who gives you information about the kind of help that is available or puts you in touch with those who can help you?
 9.4HCCQ82My healthcare provider team encourages me to ask questions.
 9.5Goal-Setting Evaluation Tool86Does the plan identify how often actions will be taken to reach the goal?
 10.1Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities measure87On how many of the last 7 days did you take the correct number of (pills/injections) for this medication?
 10.2Perceived Meaning of Activity in Housing88How important are the activities that you have performed during the last week?
 10.3Patient Health Engagement Scale89When I think about my disease, I feel totally oppressed, I am upset, I have accepted my illness or I can give sense to my life despite my illness condition.