Table 2

Overview of attributes

Person-oriented attributes
 Attribute 1The person must actively take part in the care process.
 Attribute 2The person must take responsibility for the care process.
 Attribute 3The person must have a positive way of coping with adversity.
Person-environment-oriented attributes
 Attribute 4The person must be correctly informed about the condition, disease and treatment.
 Attribute 5Self-management is individually defined and entails expressing needs, values and priorities.
 Attribute 6Self-management entails openness to ensure a reciprocal partnership with healthcare providers.
 Attribute 7Self-management entails openness to social support.
Summarising attributes
 Attribute 8Self-management is a lifetime task.
 Attribute 9Self-management assumes personal skills:
  • 9.1 Problem-solving;

  • 9.2 Decision-making;

  • 9.3 Using resources;

  • 9.4 Forming a patient-healthcare provider partnership;

  • 9.5 Goal setting and evaluating the attainment of the goals.

 Attribute 10Self-management encompasses medical, role and emotional domains:
  • 10.1 Medical management;

  • 10.2 Role-management;

  • 10.3 Emotional management.