Table 2

Niagara Longitudinal Heart Study measures across key concepts*

Anthropometric and cardiovascularPsychosocial resources and mental healthPhysiological stress biomarkersLifestyle and behavioural
Height; body mass; waist circumference; hip circumference; fat mass; fat-free mass; body fat percentage
Cardiovascular indices-Sitting:
Resting oscillometric SBP, DBP, MAP, PP and HR.
Cardiovascular indices-Supine:
Resting manual SBP, DBP, MAP, PP; beat-by-beat BP, HR and R-R interval; cvBRS; CCA IMT; arterial distensibility and compliance; central pulse wave velocity (PWV) (carotid to femoral); peripheral PWV (femoral to toe); left ventricular mass; end-diastolic volume; end-systolic volume; stroke volume; cardiac output; ejection fraction; fractional shortening.
Cardiovascular Indices-Head-up Tilt:
Beat-by-beat BP, HR and R-R interval; cvBRS.
Psychosocial resources:
Perceived Stress Scale; self-esteem; perceived mastery;
Optimism; minimisation;
Family social support.
Executive function
Mental health:
Psychological distress scale (CESD); depression; anxiety; hostility; aggression.
Personal strengths: strengths knowledge; satisfaction with life.
Inflammatory biomarkers:†
APRIL/TNFSF13; BAFF/TNFSF13B; sCD30/TNFRSF8; sCD163; Chitinase-3-like 1; gp130/sIL-6Rβ; IFN-α2; IFN-β; IFN-γ; IL-2; sIL-6Rα; IL-8; IL-10; IL-11; IL-12 (p40); IL-12 (p70); IL-19; IL-20; IL-22; IL-26; IL-27 (p28); IL-28A/IFN-λ2; IL-29/IFN-λ1; IL-32; IL-34; IL-35; LIGHT/TNFSF14; MMP-1; MMP-2; MMP-3; Osteocalcin; Osteopontin; Pentraxin-3; sTNF-R1; sTNF-R2; TSLP; TWEAK/TNFSF12.
C reactive protein
Chronic cortisol level:
Past 3-month scalp hair cortisol level.
Cellular ageing biomarkers:
Telomere length; mitochondrial DNA.
Brain derived neurotrophic factor.
Physical activity.
Sleep behaviour:
Sleep problems; weekday and weekend sleep duration; sleep quality.
Food behaviour:
Food type consumption patterns; eating habits.
Substance use:
Type of smoker; smoking locations; secondhand smoke exposure; other tobacco use; current alcohol use; alcohol frequency; current other illicit drug use.
Personal medical history:
Medical diagnoses; current prescription medication use; current over-the-counter medication use.
Family health history:
Hypertension; high cholesterol; heart disease; stroke; type I diabetes, type II diabetes.