Table 2

Schedule of assessments

Outcome measuresAssessment schedule (age is corrected for gestational age)
AssessmentsPostsurgery12 months3 years5 years
48 hours30 days
Surgical complicationsDehiscence
Evidence of fistula
GrowthNude weight
Crown to heel length
Occipitofrontal circumference
Canonical babblingCanonical babbling present*
Canonical babbling ratio*
Consonant inventory*
Velopharyngeal functionVelopharyngeal Composite Score summary (VPC sum) †‡
Insufficient velopharyngeal function (VPC rate) § √¶
Velopharyngeal insufficiency symptoms
ArticulationPer cent consonant correct (PCC)†
Per cent correct placement (PCP)†
Per cent correct manner (PCM)†
Non-oral consonant errors†
Oral consonant errors†
Hearing levelAbnormal Transient Otoacoustic Emission (TEOAE)
Abnormal soundfield audiometry
Abnormal pure tone audiometry in at least one ear**
Abnormal pure tone audiometry in both ears**
Severity of better ear**
Soundfield audiometry**
Middle ear functionFlat line Tympanogram in at least one ear
Flat line Tympanogram in both ear
Dentofacial developmentSoft tissue ANB††
Maxillary Arch Constriction score‡‡
OthersDENVER II Developmental Assessment§§
Intelligibility in Context Scale Questionnaire for parents (ICS)
Local Site questionnaire¶¶
  • Sources of speech assessments:

  • * Video of play interaction.

  • †TOPS picture naming test.

  • ‡Nine-word string.

  • §Spontaneous speech.

  •  ¶:Spontaneous speech(retelling of bus story).

  • **If pure tone audiometry could not be performed, then soundfield audiometry will be performed.

  • ††The angle between soft tissue nasion A point and B point on a profile photograph.

  • ‡‡Maxillary Arch Constriction score is determined using modified Huddart/Bodenham scoring system.

  • §§DENVER II Developmental Assessment is carried out at the time of surgery.

  • ¶¶ Local site questionnaire sent to local speech and language therapists outside TOPS research team to collect data on direct and indirect therapy given to the child in the intervals between assessment visits.