Table 3

Objectives and content of SN©P training courses

Training and durationObjectiveContent
Initial training: about 4 hoursIntroduce SN©P
  • Self-efficacy.

  • Symptom self-management.

  • Nurse–patient communication.

  • Strategies for selecting appropriate SN©Flyers.

  • How to conduct semistructured consultations according to the six key elements*.

  • Motivational interviewing techniques.

Follow-up training: about 2 hoursReinforce acquired knowledge/skillsAnswering nurses’ questions regarding their experience with providing the semistructured consultations embedded in discussions and role plays
  • *Six key elements: (1) preparing the semistructured consultation and choosing relevant SN©Flyers, (2) evaluating patient’s willingness and motivation for a consultation, (3) providing information on common side effects with the SN©Flyers, (4) introducing symptom self-management, (5) facilitating symptom self-management and (6) documenting the consultation.

  • SN©Flyers, Symptom Navi© Flyers (written information leaflets for patients).