Table 2

Available SN©Flyers and timing of semistructured nurse-led consultations

Available SN©FlyersTiming of semistructured nurse-led consultations
Leaflets for symptom self-management:
  • Alopecia.

  • Anxiety.

  • Breathlessness.

  • Diarrhoea.

  • Emesis and nausea.

  • Fatigue.

  • Increased susceptibility: infections and bleeding.

  • Irradiated skin.

  • Loss of appetite.

  • Inflamed oral mucosa.

  • Obstipation.

  • Pain.

  • Peripheral neuropathy.

  • Sexuality.

  • Skin alteration: feet and hand.

  • Skin alterations related to target therapies.

First semistructured consultation:
All patients will be provided with the leaflets "General information onSN©Flyers" and "list of all available SN©Flyers", and approximately three symptom-specific SN©Flyers based on most expected side effects in line with planned treatment protocol; this consultation takes place during the first treatment application at the outpatient cancer centre.
Second semistructured consultation:
Patients will be provided with complementary SN©Flyers based on their experienced symptoms and needs. This consultation takes place during the second treatment application at the outpatient cancer centre.
Complementary leaflets:
  • Complementary interventions to reduce pain.

  • General information on SN©Flyers.

  • Information on oxaliplatin.

  • List of all available SN©Flyers.

  • Pain relieve by medication.

  • Support at home (useful addresses).

  • SN©Flyers, Symptom Navi© Flyers.