Table 2

Excerpt of the analysis process using systematic text condensation

Preliminary themesCode groupSubgroupsCondensateResult section
Lack of resources is a major barrier for managers’ work with quality and safety and requires careful prioritisationLack of time and money is a barrier
Prioritising is necessary
Excerpt from the subgroup Prioritising is necessary:
I think we get a lot done with the resources we have, what matters is how we prioritize our time. Someone has to have something extra on their list for others to be allowed to work with nursing plans for instance, but we take turns, and then they are positive to work a little extra.
Excerpt from the subgroup Prioritising is necessary:
Several of the participants emphasized that despite being under-resourced, they got a great deal done because they were good at allocating resources. They made the best use of their personnel, such as allowing an employee to work with care plans by moving tasks from that employee to another.
  • *Excerpt from the full-text section.